Future Concept.

There is more market and consumer awareness. We also use a wide range of smart tools to collect an ocean of data and make in-depth analyses about your target audience. It’s a completely new way to approach the audience.

The Big Ideas.

Our aim underpins all elements of a campaign in order to resonate with the target audience. The big idea is to be rooted in a piercing insight and linked to the campaign’s objectives to ensure it has maximum impact and relevance.

Creative Solutions.

We keep on exploring different industries and do not try to limit ourselves.As market is huge to search for, we ensure that we keep up to date. Meta as a Team thinks out of the box and brings the best on the table.



Digital Strategy

We use digital strategy using technology to improve business performance, as it makes it possible for our company to provide services that weren’t previously possible

Digital Design

We use digital design to make the purposes of our process in a way that each one serves is essential to achieve the best result and create a graphic image of things

Digital Development

We digitally develop the ability to find, evaluate, use, share, and create content using digital devices, such as computers and smartphones.

Branding and Awareness

We get excellent and ordinary correspondences together with digital procedure and data research, changing them into a strong correspondence plan. So clients are introduced to a huge proportion of advancing reliably, so they are at a post for relevance considering their necessities and interests.

Web Development

Our aim is to work closely with our customers to create high performing and secure custom websites. Our expert developers have lots of experience to understand your project requirements and deliver a project that meets your needs. We will be happy in assisting you to offer a strong online presence.

Social Media

We leverage the power of social media in the right way to utilise the optimal platforms, reach the appropriate audience, and initiate and encourage fruitful conversations with them.Our company also aids clients in running targeted, strategic ad campaigns on various platforms, along with recommending and executing innovative strategic and technical solutions to guarantee maximum social impact and engagement.


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Team Work

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Media City ,DUBAI

Who We Are

Meta Social, a Marketing as a Service(Maas) provider, offering bespoke performance marketing and strategy consultancy offering data driven growth solutions to businesses to scale their revenues.

Our Vision

Meta Social vision is to create a business world full of prosperity, meaning, and connection for one and all.Also delivering measurable results to clients, employees, and vendors

Our Mission

Meta Social aims to revolutionise the performance and growth marketing landscape of the region by utilising cutting edge technology, data driven decision making and design. We call it hybrid thinking.

How it works

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  • Social Media
  • Branding/Awareness


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